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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Series. They belong to the epic mangaka Mr. Akira Toriyama and Toei studio. I'm just doing some fan service here for free.

A/N: These are short original one-shot stories from my series called "The Lemon Bar Series." The theme of these stories are focus to be mysterious with a humor towards the end of the stories. Each chapter doesn't go exactly in chronological order. They just comes in whatever comes into my erotic mind. This story took place after the Cell Tournament, but before the Majin Buu Saga. The ones in italic are considered flashbacks. GENERAL WARNING! Rated: NC-17 for strong language and adult contents.

Summary: Bulma drowned herself as she was caught by a rip tide. Vegeta managed to saved her on the nick of time. She thanked him for saving him, but something was odd. She felt it at the back of her lips. What was it? Read and Find Out!


As Bulma began to recover her consciousness, her eyes began to open very slowly from the radiant sunlight. Her blurry vision was now replaced with a clear sight. The Capsule Corp. heiress saw her saiyan mate kneeling before her. This time, he didn't have his usual smirk painted on his face. Right now he had a concerned frown as he glanced at his woman. He was worried to death that he almost killed her.

"Vegeta..." The blue-haired human girl softy moaned to her muscle-bound warrior.

"Yes…what is it Bulma?" Vegeta softly asked with concern.

"D-did you saved my life?" She stuttered a little after hearing him spoke her name. Normally, he always referred her as 'woman' ever since their first encounter on Namek. The arrogant saiyan nodded to his response. Then the aqua-colored haired girl lifted her body up weakly, slowly, and gave him a tender hug. The Prince of all Saiyan responded as he hugged her back. He just saved his precious weakling in the water for she was drowning a few minutes ago. It gave him a huge relief as he slump his shoulder down.

Out of nowhere, Bulma began to feel something weird on her. Some tasted something eerie in her mouth; a substance she now familiar with. Although a genius, she couldn't come up with a hypothesis nor a theory with this element. It tasted foreign to her. She could figure out any problems quickly, but she couldn't at the moment. She then broke the hug slowly. She only have one last resort to figure out what's on the back of her lips. She asked his short saiyan.

"Vegeta, my mouth felt weird. The taste is unexplainable."

Vegeta on the other hand, was surprised about this. Sweats were beginning to pour down on his head. He became speechless for he can't figure a way to tell her about this. Then he closed his eyes and began to think about what just happened earlier before she saved her.

o O o 0 o O o

Earlier today was a very hot summer. The royal couple went to the beach near Satan City to enjoy their long summer. Vegeta wasn't really pleased going to the beach. To him, it was a waste of his precious training time at the gravity room. Bulma on the other hand, took advantage of this time to spend more quality with her mate. Trunks preferred to play with Goten all day long. Thus, he spent the whole day at Son's countryside abode. When they finally arrived at the beach, they were surprised how crowded the beach today. Several people didn't want to spend their lazy summer at their home feeling like a canned of tuna. Going to the beach would be a nice day to enjoy this scorching summer.

"I told you woman we shouldn't come here today…" The proud prince growled. "…let's just go home so I can fucking train!" He crossed his arms and glared at her unwilling mate.

"Oh shut up Vegeta!" The Capsule Corp. heiress yelled as she answered his insults. "All you do everyday was nothing but training, eating, fucked the shit out of me, and sleeping. Now what kind of daily routine was that?!"

"At least I am protecting your damn planet so you can look fucking sexy for me!" He responded back to her, and then he cover her ears with his hands as he whispered to her.

"You know you loved it when you're being fucked by me…" The arrogant prince devilishly smirked at her. "… I fuck you all the time like there's no tomorrow. Oh the moaning, the screaming, the ..."

Bulma lightly slapped his covering arm with annoyance. "Hmmph! Baka!" The blue haired lady interrupted. It was true indeed. Vegeta's statements were 100% pure facts. She admitted that.

Suddenly, she sneered and started to counter his tease from his man. "You know we reserved the whole private beach all by ourselves. So, if you leave me here all by myself, I swear you won't have this." The Prince of all Saiyan's genius mate dropped all the things she was carrying. She was wearing her blue coat and now flashing it in front of her mighty saiyan prince.

Vegeta's eyes went wide, as his jaws slid down. His two obsidian eyes carefully scrutinizing her mate. She wore her two-piece white see-through bikini in which revealing all of her glory. Little did the saiyan realized, his manhood started to erect upwards in his black spandex shorts.

Now she was smirking like his alien mate. "So are you going with me or not?" The sapphire-colored haired woman asked him. Then she mirrored on his swimsuit below. She then sneered at him maliciously. "Hmm...I'll take that as a YES then."

He looked down and saw his hard erection. He covered it up with his white tank top and his two hands, and faced sideways. His face became red as a tomato.

"Kuso!" He whispered out loud, damning himself.

Bulma closed it back. Then she smiled at her small victory over him for she knows what his desires are. She made that small strategy in order for him to stay with her at the private beach that her company reserved a week ago.

"Damn you woman! I am not going with you!" The mighty proud saiyan prince gnarled with furious. Trying to swallow his pride, he was defeated from his verbal spar with his woman.

"Hmph, your mind doesn't want you to go here alright. However, your dick wants to follow my ass!" Bulma retorted. Knowing of her victory from their verbal spar, she then laughed at him.

"Fuck you, bitch! I'm outta here!" And with that, he flew away towards the ocean until he was never been seen.

Several people at the beach were just watching the couple go all out on their verbal spar. Some were enjoying them fight, some were annoyed, and some were just looking at them as if they're stupid. Then they were all surprised when they saw him flew away.

"Go ahead you dumb Prince of Monkey!" Bulma yelled out loud. "I don't give a damn anymore whether you come with me or not!" Then she looks towards the crowd now staring at her. "What are you all looking at?!" She spatted.

The people went back to their usual activities very slowly. They started to forget the drama that just occurred. As for our dear Capsule Corp. Princess however, she went to her own private beach all by herself. She now won't enjoy the day, because her arrogant not-so-charming prince won't be around with her anymore.

As Bulma arrived at the private beach, she placed her beach towel on the sand and set the big parasol right next to it. The heir of the Capsule Corp. completely removed her blue coat, and placing it on the now lying beach towel. She now fully revealed her white see-through bikini.

'Too bad he couldn't enjoy looking at this bikini of mine.' She thought. 'Besides, he liked what he'd seen especially that erection of his." The blue haired genius giggled and then added. 'But that stupid pride of his is getting on my nerves, Grrr...!'

She run towards the water and dip herself in. After few seconds, she came out of the water feeling refreshed.

Suddenly the water starting to pull her away from the shore slowly, she felt the water was going deeper and deeper. The Royal Saiyan Prince's mate was caught by the rip tide. She tried to swim back to the shore, but the current was strong. She was pulled back furthermore.

"Help! Somebody?!" She screeched out loud. Searching for someone to help her, but no one was around. The whole entire beach was all her belonging for the day.

On a small uninhabited island far away from the woman and the mass of people, lies the sleeping saiyan prince under a coconut tree. His arms were folded under his head. The Prince of all Saiyans heard a fainting voice of scream coming from afar, but it was quite unclear who it was. He can tell it was n annoying female voice.

"Stupid weakling!" He growled while he was sleeping. He seemed to be annoyed by the faint voice ringing in his ears.

Then suddenly he heard a very loud "Someone help me!" at first he ignored it in his ears. Until he suddenly heard his name called. It was very clear that it was his weakling woman's voice.

"Kuso! That's Bulma!" The mighty Vegeta yelled as he woke up from his slumber. He stood up, turned Super Saiyajin and quickly flew away to save her from dying. He felt his ki slowly depleting. "Hang on Bulma! I am coming for you my weakling!" He flew as if there's no time to loose. It was his responsibility for her safety, and he wasn't around to protect her from all sort of danger.

"Someone help me!" Bulma was still struggling to float above the surface, but she could no longer handle it. She was too exhausted from screaming and wading. She went down the water and raising her right hand hoping for someone to hold her hand but no one did. She finally gave up. She lost her battle for survival. No one nor Vegeta could even helped her out from drowning. 'Goodbye my Prince Vegeta ...' She thought, and finally her conscious disappeared. Now her body slowly sunk downward; reaching the ocean floor.

At the nick of time, Vegeta came to the rescue. He dove into the water grabbed her floating body. Then he boosted up to the surface. Once they reached the surface, The Mighty Super Saiyajin Prince went down and lay her down on her beach towel. He took off his white tank top out, revealing his sexy well-built body.

"Bulma, are you alright? Speak to me!" The heir of Vegetasei yelled nervously. She didn't respond to her. 'Damn! What am I suppose to do?' Vegeta wondered. Then he thought of what Bulma told him long time. 'It was that CP whatever, but I forgot how to do it.' He began remembering how her mate performed CPR to Trunks when he drowned himself on their pool a year ago. 'Aha that's it! It's like making love to her!' Vegeta thought using his saiyan intellect. Realizing how smart can he be.

Vegeta glanced at her. He found himself hot over her glorious body. He slid his hand down to her bra, touching and squeezing her round firm breasts, and began pushing her sharply. He realized that her ki was slowly rising. Then, Vegeta closed her nose and opened her mouth. He kissed her passionately; he took a breath inside her mouth, and then kissed her again. Next, he grabbed her firm breast, playing with her nipples, squeezing it, and doing the pumping on her body once again. He was enjoying this to her way too much, that his erection started to grew long and became hard. He took his stiff manhood out of his black spandex short. He opened her tiny mouth wider and positioned his hips above her head. He gently inserted his manhood over her mouth and began thrusting it slowly and then slightly fast.

'Shit! She's so fucking tight!' He smirked with thought and excitement. The contemptuous royal prince realized that his long thick hard manhood completely felt her inside her tiny wet mouth. With this wonderful and exciting feeling, he started making his trust faster and deeper inside of her little mouth than before. His balls were touching her lips and chin with every single pounds he made deeply. Thus, making his soft grunt and moan turned louder like a savage wolf growling with rage. 'Oh Fuck! I'm going to cum on her mouth!' He yelled at his thought. Vegeta was ready to let it go for a few more ramming. With the last profounding slam of his length, he spilled his seed inside her mouth. The horny saiyan took off his manhood out of her mouth. Vegeta finally realized that her ki finally came back.

Bulma moaned weakly. Her conscious was finallly restored. She threw out the water inside of her and some of Vegeta's seed on the side of her laying beach towel. She made a soft groan, and finally tried to open her eyes slowly.

o O o 0 o O o

"Hey Vegeta…wake up you idiot!" His woman was now well, and waving at his face. "Earth to Vegeta! Hello!" She then became annoyed for his nonresponse.

"Huh…what the…?" Vegeta asked. He now snapped back in reality. The arrogant saiyan looked around, and realized that nobody was here. He was now actually within the area of their private beach. He finally snapped at his thought. "What is it woman?!"

"What was on my mouth? It tastes weird. It's kind of salty." Bulma explained this obnoxious matter to him.

He tried to quickly think of a way to come up with an answer until suddenly he answered back at her. "Bah! You just drank too much salt water Bulma so shut up!" He grunted.

"If this is salt water…then how come there is a slimy feeling in it?" The Saiyan human princess muttered. "Oh well…just forget about it…I'll just go to rest and take a nap." She said to herself. Bulma lay down on the towel and finally went to sleep.

Vegeta was glad that her mate didn't found out that her life was saved for being very horny. He couldn't control his hormones upon looking at her lifeless body earlier. He noted that he was wearing her sexy see-through bikini. He grinned about that idea. 'Well that was fun…maybe next time I should frequently go to the beach with her from now on...' He thought devilishly.


Additional Note: I made Vegeta a little bit of an idiot on this one; a smart ass idiot that is. I think I made this one after reading some porn magazine about a male life-saver and a girl being drowned and they ended fucking each other. LOL! At least it has some nice plots into it. Well, me and my naughty mind as usual


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