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FanFiction.net Anonymous Reviewers

Two days ago, I re-posted "The Lemon Bar Series" on FanFiction.net. Well somehow, I received massive bashing, not encouraging, and negative criticism on my work. I was like, what the fuck? Upon reading the heading portion of FanFiction.net website, it states "Unleash your imagination." I wrote these stories, because of that said statement. However, I had come to realize that haters will be haters, and they'll continue to hate. I don't think these discouraging unknown reviewers know that I created my stories for my sole entertainment purposes. If there are people who enjoyed reading them. Why, thank you very much. I didn't mind sharing them at all to you guys. But if they don't, I'll just smile and won't bother with them.

Somehow, the first guest who reviewed my "Lemon Bar Series" truly understands my writing. I am extremely impressed how this person recognize my work after I removed them a long time ago; like more than ten years ago. I thought that I did such a terrible writing these short one-shot stories, and felt bad bringing these stories back at that popular fan fiction site. But I realized that there are people who enjoyed and even put these stories into their favorites. These people gave me confidence once again to continue my writing.

I don't know if these generous reviewers can read this blog, but if they do, I would like to give them my warm hugs and thank yous for your support. Based on my few experiences in writing these kinds of narrative stories, I realized that writing a fan fiction was a difficult thing to do. It takes more time and effort to create a chapter or one-shot story one at a time. As a token of appreciation for my Lemon Bar Series readers, I will put priority on the third chapter, plus a short omake after the end of the chapter. I'll hold off "Betrayal" for now. Once, again thank you to my loyal readers. You guys are full of love!


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The Capsule Corp. President

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